Carroll James Britton | Executive Director of Operations | Rocky Mountain Regional Detention Center

Finding great success throughout the course of his professional career, Carroll James Britton has flourished in his role as the executive director of operations at the Rocky Mountain Regional Detention Center in Hardin, Montana for the past decade. In his role, he ensures the building runs smoothly by maintaining oversight of plumbing and electrical issues and retains contractors when necessary. Mr. Britton aims to continue serving in his role for many years to come.

Prior to joining the Rocky Mountain Regional Detention Center, Mr. Britton worked for Hardin Chevrolet. He used to travel throughout the country for work and did not get to spend much time with his late wife, Tesha. He then applied for various jobs in order to be closer to her, eventually finding the right fit with the Rocky Mountain Regional Detention Center. Mr. Britton’s advice to aspiring professionals is for them to know that “a guy like him” can rise to this kind of accomplishment, despite anything that has happened in this life. In his spare time, he enjoys building old Ford trucks and spending quality time with his family.

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